Learn programming in simple languages

We know that the present age is the age of science,
we have known that the present age is the age of computers, Computer world stands on programming.
but very few people have heard that the present age is the age of information technology.
The age of information technology is not a single subject like science or computer.
It covers many even non-science subjects.
But the key is information and the technology to use the information.
And since it has to be processed to be used, programming and data science are closely related.

For the needs of the age, so the call of the age, come and learn the program. I want to learn,
but I heard that the program is very difficult and can’t be done unless you are a great mathematician.

You didn’t hear it wrong but not all words are correct. Programming seems difficult for two reasons,

  1. Programming is about logic, not emotion. That is why you have to think logically to solve the problem.
    Logic will be explained in detail in the next post. Since we don’t spend time on logical communication,
    we are used to emotional language in daily life so programming seems difficult.
    Actually it is not at all. It is very simple.
  2. The second reason to find it difficult is the English language.
    As we are not proficient in English language but programming in English seems difficult.
    The big problem in this case is that there is no one to explain programming in Bengali.
    Of course there are many programmers but they learn hard in English just like they describe,
    don’t explain with our native language material so I find it difficult not to understand well.

And yes, programming seems very easy if you understand mathematics,
but it is also wrong that programming cannot be learned if mathematics is raw. You won’t do all
the programming in the world if you need to understand all the math.
If you understand the conditions like Y can be assigned 1 only if X has value 2, or X must have
value 1, Y cannot be written. Then you can learn to program.
Surely you understand the example? If x=2 then x gives 1 of its value to y,
then it can be written as y+1 and x+2-1 or x+1. Because x is reduced by 1 when y is 1.

But if x=1 then y cannot be written because x cannot assign any value to y from its value.
So just writing y doesn’t work.
Just by understanding this logic, you can do programming, become a programmer. it’s easy to learn program.

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